"The Real Starky" (TRS) is the nom de plume of triathlon podcaster Benjamin Hobbs. TRS began as a Twitter parody account and has grown into a household name among triathletes, with his podcast "TRS Radio" attracting thousands of listeners each week.

History Edit

"Twitter phenom, @TheRealStarky, was born on Nov 19, 2013 in the midst of controversy involving a professional triathlete who was in trouble for yelling at reporters, running over volunteers, and alleged arrogance. At first, the parody account just yelled at people, quoted Kenny Powers and made fun of champion triathlete, Andrew Starykowicz.  Soon, @TheRealStarky took dead aim on the entire triathlon community, gaining the attention and re-tweets of celebs like Rich Roll and Lance Armstrong. He ceased being a parody account. Nerds who waste time on internet forums were titillated. Global corporations were on his jock. In December, The Real Starky signed a huge endorsement deal with #WhiteMilk, literally devastating his chocolate competition and solidifying his status as the most marketable celebrity in triathlon."[1]

Relationship with Dark Mark Edit

[History needed here]. Nobody knows the exact nature of their relationship, but rumours are abundant, and range from "secret long-distance Skype lovers", to "founders of a comedy cartel", and even "just a couple of idiots who talk sometimes".

TRS Radio Edit

The Real Starky, with trusty sidekick and joke-writer Dark Mark, hosts a weekly triathlon podcast entitled TRS Radio. The show begins with TRS and Dark Mark bantering about the latest multisport news, discussing the past week's Twitter events, and performing one or more comedic segments (written by DM). They then sign off the intro portion, and play one or two interviews with various triathlon personalities.

Past guests have included:

  • 3x Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae
  • 3x Ironman World Champion Craig 'Crowie' Alexander
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Famous triathlon blogger Ray 'DC Rainmaker' Maker
  • ITU and long-course star Jan Frodeno
  • ITU and long-course star Tim Don

TRS Racing Edit

In 2014, The Real Starky announced he would be creating an age-group triathlon team for 2015. Candidate members submitted email, web pages, tweets, and photos for consideration in an entry draft (as of 2015-Jan-29, the draft has yet to take place). Team members will be drafted based mainly on participation in social media and on The Real Forum.

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