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Your reference guide to multisport counterculture. Popular threads, notable personalities, legendary events, viral rumours - a living history of infamy in an un-famous sport.

What is this?

Are you interested in the 'human side' of triathlon? Have you ever been browsing through Twitter, Slowtwitch, or some athlete's blog and come across what seems like an inside joke to everybody but you? Do you feel like being 'in the know' at your next triathlon party? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, this is the site for you. Read a summary, click a link, then laugh, cry, and enjoy the rich and entertaining underbelly of the sport that we all sometimes take a bit too seriously.

Conversely, are you actively involved in triathlon's various social media outlets, and want to stop answering questions like "what does 'T3' mean"? Maybe you have authoritative knowledge on a misrepresented anecdote or person - ever wished you could set the record straight? Or maybe you just feel like making a positive impact in the world by helping document the unpublished stories, rare personalities, and emotional highs and lows of individuals and our sport as a whole?

If so, please consider making a quick post here for the good of us all. It could be a brief description of a forum thread (e.g., "The thread known as 'The JimmyJam Thread' is one of the most famous on Slowtwitch and can be found at the following link"), a synopsis of an event or occurrence (e.g., "The JimmyJam thread started when someone asked ... etc ... Plot Twist B began when someone said ... in the end, This Thing Happened and the thread was closed"), or even a full article on the known information and history of a rumour (e.g., "The Fake Retirement of Athlete X: someone said this at this link, someone reported that at that link, in the end the athlete refuted it all at this other link").

What this site IS:

  • A common place to find links to popular threads, posts, and pages
  • A place to document descriptions of cultural phenomena in our sport
  • A place to list and aggregate knowledge about a given topic
  • FUN!

What this site is NOT:

  • a message board, forum, blog, or other medium for discussion
  • a competitor to any existing medium, Web-based or otherwise
  • Serious

So come one, come all - if it's A Thing in our sport, make a page for It! You don't need to be an expert to get the ball rolling. Just think to yourself, "I wish I knew more about this", start a page about it, and watch the facts/links/knowledge come rolling in as other users edit your article.

With your help, we can make something great happen. And if you're lucky, you'll never have to copy and paste your description of the T3 thread into another post again.

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